Hey Harvard, what did you do today? Catch your friend crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Go to Fenway to watch the Sox crush the Orioles 12-1? Celebrate 4/20 in style? No, you didn’t do any of those things. Instead of being allowed to join in today’s festivities with every other college in the Boston area, you were in class.

We know; FlyBy is pretty pissed too. Apparently Patriots’ Day doesn’t qualify as a real holiday in the eyes of the administration. What could be a better reason for a day off than commemorating the first battles of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord?

And no, next year’s calendar change does not recognize the right of Harvard students to get their patriotism on on the third Monday of April. Thanks, administration.

Photo Wikimedia Commons/Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas