The theme of Mather Lather, a College-wide foam party hosted by Mather House hosted every spring, this year is #FOAMO. But to be honest, given the recent mumps outbreak at Harvard, are you really missing out if you don’t go?

Word on the street has it that Mather consulted medical experts to determine whether or not the party could end up as a hotbed for mumps. After hearing this tip, we knew it was time for another famous #FlybyInvestigates.

When asked about whether or not the party’s organizers consulted Harvard University Health Services, Mather House Faculty Dean Michael D. Rosengarten responded affirmatively.

“I had a long conversation with Dr. [Paul] Barreira about mumps and the Lather, and he indicated Harvard is not discouraging large group events including the Lather.” Barreira is the director of HUHS.

That’s great! HUHS isn’t discouraging parties in general! But “the Lather” is not a normal party. Students have previously gotten rashes from the foamy gathering, and I wasn't ruling out mumps just yet. So I continued the investigation.

Mather House Committee co-chair Trevor A. Mullin ’17 reiterated that Barreira was consulted “to make sure Mather Lather did not pose a threat to the health and safety of students.”

“To my understanding, they were told that the College was not discouraging large scale gatherings and that the environment of Mather Lather did not provide an additional risk to students as compared to any other large-scale gathering.”

So it seems like Mather Lather will be safe from mumps this year. Still, that won’t stop me from taking at least 10 showers after the party is over.