For Flyby Matchmaker 2018’s first date, we craftily chose two young men with similar names: Tomasz P. Wojtasik ’21 and Thomas G. Dumbach ’18. Despite the age difference, they bonded over breakfast at the Harvard Art Museums Cafe (courtesy of yours truly). We caught up with them after the date to hear all about their impressions.

Tomasz: He showed up late but I’m early for everything and it was a Sunday morning, so it’s fine.

Thomas: I think I was running on Harvard time. The instructions said to meet at the cafe, so I wasn’t sure if he would be there.

Tomasz: The cafe was pretty empty so he just walked over to me.

Thomas: It became quite apparent when I strolled to the entrance, I think there was maybe some old couple and a single, young Harvard student.

Tomasz: I had actually met him before, because he had run the freshman intramural spelling bee, so it was more of a second impression.

Thomas: It took me a few minutes to realize. He started talking about his passionate involvement with freshman intramural sports, and then I said, “Oh yeah, I remember.”

C'mon Van Gogh, three's a crowd.
Tomasz: We started with the typical Harvard stuff, and then we talked about how classes were going, politics, housing for next year…Even though we’re in different years we know some of the same people. We both have an interest for languages.

Thomas: The conversation was smooth. I loved the setting because art museums are kind of where I go to relax. It’s here but it feels like it’s not quite campus.

Tomasz: We mostly stayed in the cafe. We walked around to find a painting to take the selfie with, but other than that we were in the cafe.

Thomas: Once someone is here [at Harvard] we’re kind of speaking the same language. He’s a freshman but he took a gap year, so [the age difference] is not a big issue.

Tomasz: In terms of relationship potential, it’s a bit weird because he’s leaving in like two months…I’m not sure if it’s worth it, if that makes sense.

What’s an even better story than “we met at the freshman intramural spelling bee”? Obviously, meeting at a Matchmaker blind date. T and T may have to part ways at the end of the semester, but they clearly look great together (with or without Van Gogh). Plus, as Wojtasik put it, “The food was really good. So, for the future, the cafe is a great place to go.”

You heard it from him. If you want to find true love over quiche, muffins, and cappuccino, sign up for Matchmaker here. We promise you’ll have something (although maybe not a name) in common with your date.

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