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Harvard Today Sep 28, 2018

Flash. Flood. Watch. Enough said.

—Lorenzo F. Manuali, STAFF WRITER

In the News

Harvard Students Take In Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing, Protest the Law School and the Nominee

As millions around the country followed Thursday’s hearing, Harvard students too reacted to the testimonies of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Blasey Ford. The proceedings had extra weight for Law School students — Kavanaugh has been a visiting lecturer for over a decade, and thus far the HLS administration has refused to answer whether the judge will return to teach this winter.

Faculty Council Approves New Committee to Propose Shopping Week Replacement

Strap yourselves in, because the faculty might just be getting rid of another Harvard mainstay: shopping week. Under the proposal at hand, the new system could be introduced in the fall of 2020. So, sucks to be you, sophomores and freshmen.

Business School Raises Nearly $1.4 Billion in Capital Campaign

Here’s a sizeable chunk of Harvard’s $9.6 billion capital campaign tally — HBS raised almost $1.4 billion in its fundraising, which is definitely an amount too large for us to fully comprehend. All that money came from nearly 27,000 people, including 59% of MBA alumni.


Burst the Bubble: Sept. 28 - Sept. 30

From oysters to cruises, here’s all you can do off-campus this weekend. Why not take a break from your midterm-cramming and burst the bubble?


S.E.C. Sues Tesla’s Elon Musk

After Tesla’s Elon Musk sent out a tweet claiming he had the funding to take the company private (which turned out to be misleading at best), the S.E.C. has decided to sue Musk. They are seeking to bar him from ever running a public company again. Oops?

Top Minimum Wage in U.S., $19, Approved for New York’s Airport Workers

New York’s airport workers just received the highest minimum wage set by any public agency for the country. Opposition to the proposal dissolved when New Jersey elected a Democrat governor. This measure was supported by New York Governor Cuomo.

The Kavanaugh Hearings

These hearings were dramatic and moving, no matter your view on the accusations. Dr. Blasey Ford emotionally described the allegation. Kavanaugh fiercely defended himself. One thing is for certain: we are witnessing history in the making.