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Harvard Today Sep 11, 2018

Mondays are hard, Tuesdays can be just as bad. Harvard Today makes it better. Comp Flyby.

—Claire J. Hoffman,  STAFF WRITER

In the News

Union Civil and Human Rights Committee Begins Discussing Priorities

Representatives of the new graduate student union have announced that they intend to prioritize issues of diversity and inclusion. One example of this will be pushing for diverse hiring practices

Bacow Wastes No Time Making His Mark on Harvard

President Bacow has been busy, even before his official inauguration in October. He’s been meeting with numerous Harvard affiliates and filling various positions, and has even slid into the political world, signing a letter to the EPA Acting Administrator.

Undergraduate Council Adopts New Voting Method for Elections

The UC switched to a new voting method, called the Borda count voting system. It should allow for voters to rank candidates while giving appropriate points to all marked. We love democracy!


The Latest: New Miss America glad swimsuit was eliminated

Nia Franklin, Miss New York and the new Miss America, says she was happy she didn’t have to wear a swimsuit to get her crown and $50,000 scholarship. She says that she and the other contestants are “more than just that.”

Best Colleges

In U.S. News, Harvard is ranked number 2 for National Universities, behind Princeton as number 1. Sounds like #fakenews to us.

Manslaughter Charge For Dallas Police Officer Who Killed A Man In His Own Apartment

The Dallas Police arrested officer Amber Guyger on Sunday, after she shot and killed a man in his apartment. The death was ruled a homicide on Monday morning by the county medical examiner’s office.