Not for the Faint Hearted

At first, only two men in their late twenties chat softly in the park, nursing beers as they stand by the hammocks. Slowly, more begin to arrive, bringing lime-flavored sports drinks, roommates, girlfriends, hard liquor shots, and bikes.

Food and Drink

Big Appetites, Small Plates

“Small plates,” or tapas, as they are often labeled, seem to be more of an excuse to double prices while halving portions than a fun alternative way to enjoy a meal. Nevertheless, the food is undeniably interesting and sometimes even quite tasty.

Food and Drink

Uber To Afghanistan

As our waiter delivered dessert, he momentarily withheld my spoon, quipping that I’d have to fight him for it. If he’d known how readily I would have done so, he wouldn’t have made the joke.

Food and Drink

A Night at Dick's

I was a little anxious at the thought of going to a restaurant like this alone. I shouldn’t have worried. Reassuringly, the vast majority of DLR patrons don’t seem to be having much fun.


All Fun and Games

Founder Devon Trevelyan thought up the board game café concept when he worked at Eureka Puzzles down the road. He opened Knight Moves two years ago, and he has built the store’s formidable collection ever since.

Food and Drink

Pop-Up Perfection

The first course of the night is served, a one-bite “snack” of daikon (a type of radish) pickled in a mostarda and wrapped up in mini taco form with Italian goat cheese and powdered soybean. Eyes widen around the table as we begin to realize what’s about to come out of Friedman’s makeshift kitchen.

Food and Drink

Happy Hours

A quick Google search tells us Brighton Ave. is the place to go, and so we set out, lacking any definite plan but having one singular goal: Experience something new.