In Most Extensive Comments in Centuries, Porcellian Club Criticizes Final Club Scrutiny

The Porcellian Club, Harvard’s oldest final club, broke its public silence Tuesday for the first time in recent memory to criticize College administrators for their recent efforts to make final clubs go co-ed and modify membership policies.

Sexual Assault Report Lambasts Final Clubs

The final report, in no uncertain terms, castigates the male final clubs, and calls for a targeted plan from College administrators to manage the groups.

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One Semester In, Doyle Outlines Vision for SEAS

Arriving at Harvard by way of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Doyle has taken the helm at a unique time in SEAS’s history.

After Controversy, Currier Removes Trump-Themed Video

Although businessman Donald J. Trump won three states in Tuesday’s primaries, his presence as the subject of Currier House’s Housing Day video was far less welcome.

Grappling with Campus Sexual Assault, Harvard Looks to Expand Prevention Efforts

​A semester after a survey revealed the alarming prevalence of sexual assault at Harvard, a task force has recommended that students receive annual sexual assault prevention training and that the University hire a new administrator to spearhead prevention efforts.

Students Call for Action On Report Recommendations

Undergraduates involved with sexual assault advocacy on campus, meanwhile, said they were pleased with the report’s proposals, but are now waiting for the College to take concrete steps.

Law School Activists to Continue Occupation

​Three weeks into their occupation of the lounge in the Law School’s Caspersen Student Center, student activists said they will remain in the hall, despite some concerns raised by other students and administrators.

Steven Spielberg Selected as 2016 Commencement Speaker

Graduates, ready the popcorn: renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg will speak at Harvard’s 365th Commencement on May 26, the University announced Thursday.


Students in Gen Ed Transition Will Choose Between Programs

During the transition to the revamped Gen Ed program, students will choose to fulfill requirements under either the new or the old system, according to Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar Michael P. Burke.

College Life

Ahead of Spring Break, Number of Mumps Cases Rises to Nine

The total number of confirmed mumps cases has risen from six to nine within the past week, and mumps patients now live quarantined in “the Houses and Harvard-owned properties,” according to College Spokesperson Rachael Dane.


One Dead, Another Injured After Shooting Near Mt. Auburn Hospital

One individual died and another remains hospitalized with serious injuries after a shooting near Mt. Auburn Hospital late Tuesday night, according to Meghan Kelly, Communications Director of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.


Eight Key Takeaways from the Sexual Assault Prevention Report

Senior Crimson News writers parsed through the sexual assault prevention task force's final report to highlight eight key takeaways.


Royall Descendant Cautions Against Forgetting History

Long before the current firestorm over Harvard Law School’s seal, the story of Isaac Royall, Jr. quietly lived on in his former Massachusetts house—now a museum—and his surviving descendants.


Sexual Assault Recommendations Put Social Life Under Microscope

Student Life

College Forms ‘Start-Up’ Freshman Grants, Increases Tuition


Faust Will Dedicate Plaque to Honor Harvard Slaves


In Confidential Meeting, Khurana Issues Deadline to Final Clubs


A.D. Club to Host ‘Open’ Punch Process, Mandate Sexual Assault Training


Council Committee Gives Medical Marijuana Proposal Favorable Recommendation

​Sage Cannabis is one step closer to opening its proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Cambridge following a televised hearing in which city councillors questioned the company’s CEO regarding the safety of his proposed site.


Mumps Cases at Harvard Rise to 16, Spreads to Tufts and BU

​The total number of confirmed mumps cases at Harvard has risen to 16, and now nearby Tufts University and Boston University are starting to see their own cases of the virus.

Gender and Sexuality

Graduate Students Question Data About BGLTQ Sexual Assault

Concerned that the prevalence of sexual assault among BGLTQ students has been misrepresented, six BGLTQ student groups from across Harvard sent an email to University President Drew G. Faust asking her to clarify the results of last semester’s survey about campus sexual assault.


Contested Unionization Effort Tries to Drum Up Support

Members of the Harvard graduate student union effort formally launched the campaign “Working for a Healthy Harvard” last Wednesday in order to promote visibility for the issues graduate students face and to drum up support for their movement to unionize.


UC Concerned Over Some Sexual Assault Prevention Proposals

Undergraduate Council representatives criticized recent recommendations on alcohol policies in Harvard's report on sexual assault prevention, though they praised the report’s call for annual sexual assault training for students.


EdX Inaugurates Financial Aid Program


SLAM Ramps Up Support for Dining Workers


Grad Union Effort Pushes for More STEM Money


After MBTA Fare Hike, UC Augments Transportation Funding

Central Administration

In Letter to Congress, Faust Makes Case For Endowment