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Central Administration

As Admissions Trial Nears, Bacow Insists 'We Don't Discriminate Against Anybody'

The brand-new president said he is “confident” Harvard will prevail in court when the suit goes to trial on Oct. 15, though he is unsure what the Supreme Court may do should the case come before the nation's highest judges.

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Student Groups

Advocates for Undocumented Harvard Affiliates Meet with Bacow to Discuss Goals

A coalition of faculty, staff, and students aiming to protect Harvard’s undocumented population met with University President Lawrence S. Bacow Wednesday to discuss their goals with the new president.

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With Endowment Tax on the Horizon, Harvard Still Doesn’t Know How to File Its Returns

Harvard is still awaiting federal guidance on how to file taxes under a law passed in Dec. 2017 that levied an “unprecedented” excise tax on some universities’ endowment returns, according to a spokeswoman.

Bacow at Convocation

Bacow, Khurana Call for Civic Engagement in Challenging Times At Convocation

In his first speech to students as Harvard's president, Bacow gave the wide-eyed freshmen homework: registering to vote.

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Bacow 'Swooped' Into Opening Days With Instagram-Worthy Enthusiasm

Two months into his presidency — and days into his first semester — Bacow is taking an active, and very visible, role in undergraduate life.

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Administrators Say Bacow Well-Equipped to Manage University Finances

Thomas J. Hollister, chief financial officer of the University, said the president-elect has long been “intimately involved” in Harvard's financial affairs as a Corporation member.

Drew Faust at IOP
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As Presidency Draws to Close, Faust Recalls Favorite Moments

Faust said she will stay on the Cape through the fall to “reacquaint” herself with the historical literature she missed over the last decade.

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Carney, York to Lead Overseers; Wang to Lead HAA

Susan L. Carney ’73 will succeed Scott A. Abell ’72 as president of the Board of Overseers while Margaret M. Wang ’09 will become the youngest president in HAA history, succeeding Susan Morris Novick ’85.

Faust at IOP
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Senators Call on Faust to Increase Public Service Funding

The letter expresses concerns that unpaid internships in the public sector will only be available to students who have “more financial resources.”

Faust at 2021 Convocation
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Faust Made $1.5 Million in 2016

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith, who is stepping down at the end of the year, made $701,956 in total salary and benefits in 2016, while Provost Alan M. Garber ’76 and made $871,960.

Drew G. Faust
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Faust Penned Letter to Stefanik Arguing Against Legislation that Could Imperil Sanctions

"I worry [the legislation] represents an effort by Congress to regulate student life and the shape and character of private institutions in a way that threatens to undermine that diversity of choice and experience," Faust wrote.

Unionization Voters
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Experts Say Harvard's Union Bargaining Terms Differ From Typical Labor Contract

Labor experts say the boundaries delineating issues allowed on the bargaining table for Harvard’s student union could differ from those that define a typical labor contract negotiation.

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President’s Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

​A company that revolutionizes ear infection treatment, an app to guide small business in emerging markets, and a toolkit to empower girls in STEM all won big Wednesday.

Approval Ratings of Admin and Departmental Breakdown
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Approval Ratings of Admin and Departmental Breakdown

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21 Vie For Seats on Union Bargaining Committee

Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Automobile Workers is holding elections for the union’s main negotiating body May 9 and 10.