Larry Lessig

Lessig Arrested at Campaign Finance Protest in Washington

Police arrested Harvard Law professor and former presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig last week during protests focused on campaign finance reform in Washington, D.C.

Social Sciences Division

Fairbank Center Forms Student Group, Citing Interest in China

Members of the newly-formed Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Student Advisory Committee met for the first time this week to discuss how to increase undergraduate involvement at the Center.


TDM Concentrators Await Funding for New Magazine

Concentrators in Theater, Dance and Media are seeking funding for a new student publication that will showcase the work of students involved in campus performing arts.

The End of Bag Checks

Cabot Library Sacks Mandatory Bag Checks

Responding to concerns about slow exit times, the Cabot Science Library recently ended its mandatory bag check policy, with other libraries looking to do the same.

GSAS Writing Center

GSAS to Launch New Writing Center Next Fall

The center will be staffed by a director and three writing fellows, who will specialize in the sciences, arts and humanities, and the social sciences respectively.

Marketing The Humanities

Marketing the Humanities

A number of events over Advising Fortnight fit into the larger trend of job-oriented marketing within the Arts and Humanities as many concentrations seek to attract more students and address their career concerns through an increase in job-focused advising events, alumni interactions, and published materials.

Student Jobs

GE's Move to Boston May Mean Opportunity for Students

​Harvard faculty members praised General Electric’s decision to move its headquarters to Boston as an opportunity for increased collaboration between the corporation and students.

Wadsworth Commemoration
Central Administration

Wadsworth Commemoration

Professor Henry L. Gates, Jr. and Georgia Congressman John R. Lewis celebrate the unveiling of the Wadsworth House plaque. The plaque bears the names of Bilhah, Venus, Titus, and Juba, four enslaved persons who labored in the house in the eighteenth century.

Faculty Meeting at University Hall
Visual Arts

'Harvard Time' Could End By Fall 2018

Two pending proposals suggest to eliminate the unofficial seven-minute grace period between classes starting as early as fall 2018, in anticipation of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’s move to its new Allston campus in 2020.

Gomes For History
Central Administration

Gomes For History

A close-up of the painting of the late Rev. Peter Gomes to be added to a University Hall collection of works depicting important Harvard personages. It was revealed Thursday evening in front of a number of Harvard administrators.

Three Friends
Central Administration

Three Friends

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick and Harvard President Drew G. Faust discuss the newly unveiled portrait of the late Rev. Peter Gomes. The two knew Gomes well, and spoke before the painting was revealed Thursday afternoon.

Harvard Thinks Global

Professors Warming to Prospect of Education Studies Secondary

An education secondary did not see initial success in gaining traction. But FAS members are now renewing their interest in the field.

Computer Science

Professors Ask Computers to Catch Cheating

Professors are more widely employing algorithms, from decades-old codes to ones created by instructors, as an automated means to detect plagiarism in student assignments.


Superhero Capes and Conversation Launch Advising Fortnight

Members of the Advising Programs Office donned bright-red capes at the packed kickoff for the Advising Fortnight in Annenberg Hall on Monday, allowing freshmen to learn about the College's 49 concentrations.

Alison Frank Johnson
Harvard Business School

In Campus Sexual Assault Conversation, Faculty Grapple with Role

Across Harvard's schools, faculty members are learning about sexual assault prevention and seeking to create courses to foster discussion on sex and sexuality, after the release of a sexual assault prevention report last month.