Front Middle Feature

Jake Kaufmann '93

Jake Kaufmann Named Financial Aid Director

Jake Kaufmann ’93 stepped into his role as the College’s director of financial aid Monday vowing to Harvard’s socioeconomic diversity and “open doors for students."

Clover Employees

Clover Pays Employees $79,00 in Back Wages After Federal Investigation

Clover paid over $79,000 in back wages and damages to 65 employees after the Department of Labor determined the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

School of Public Health
School of Public Health

Harvard Employee Apologizes For Asking Neighbor with Biracial Daughter If She Lives in Affordable Housing

“Are you in one of the affordable units? Or are you in one of the Harvard units?” the Harvard employee asked her neighbor, who has a biracial daughter.

HKS New Campus
Harvard Kennedy School

Former Secretary General of Amnesty International To Join Kennedy School As Senior Fellow

Amnesty International’s former Secretary General Shalil Shetty will be joining the Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy as a senior fellow in the upcoming academic year, according to a Friday press release.

Drew Faust

With Home-Cooked Salmon, The Bacow Era Begins

The reins to the nation’s oldest university changed hands Sunday over plates of salmon — grilled by Harvard's 29th president Lawrence S. Bacow for its 28th, Drew G. Faust.

Harvard Admissions

Court Filings Likely Not a Tough Blow for Harvard P.R., Experts Say

Court filings detailing previously unknown aspects of Harvard’s secretive admissions process will likely do little to damage the University’s image, public relations experts say.

Littauer Center

Decorated Economist Raj Chetty Returns to Harvard

Chetty, a recipient of a 2012 MacArthur “genius grant” and the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, will return to Harvard this summer after three years at Stanford University.

Dean Martha L. Minow
Harvard Law School

Martha Minow Named University Professor

Minow, who served as Law School Dean from 2009 to 2017, will begin her appointment on July 1. She succeeds Laurel T. Ulrich, who is retiring on June 30, as 300th Anniversary University Professor.

Abbott Lawrence Lowell

SFFA Argues Harvard's 'Holistic' Admissions Rooted In Tactics Once Used to Limit Jewish Admits

In 1922, Lowell and other administrators had become “increasingly alarmed” over the rising number of Jewish students earning admission to the College based on their high test scores, SFFA’s document reads.

Acceptance Letters

Court Filings Reveal Academic Strength of Asian-American Applicants to Harvard

If Harvard made admissions decisions based only on applicants’ academic qualifications, more than 51 percent of the average admitted class would be Asian-American, according to court documents filed Friday.

Harvard Admissions

'Z-List' Students Overwhelmingly White, Often Legacies

Admits to Harvard’s “Z-list,” a deferred admissions pool for a small number of students each year, are overwhelmingly white—and nearly half have parents who attended Harvard, according to documents made public in a lawsuit against Harvard.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Harvard, SFFA Dispute ‘Discrimination’ in Lower Personal Scores for Asian American Applicants

Students for Fair Admissions reports in court filings that Harvard consistently scored Asian-American applicants lower than applicants of other races on “personal traits” including “positive personality,” “likability,” “kindness,” and “humor.”

Harvard Institutes of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Dealing with Debt, Medical School Makes Building Sale

The school sold eight of the building’s 11 floors, which comprise about 192,140 square feet, mostly of research space.

Faust at IOP

Faust Opposes Admissions Lawsuit in Letter to Harvard Community

Faust wrote that Students for Fair Admissions, the anti-affirmative action group bringing the suit, was “formed in part to oppose Harvard’s commitment to diversity."

35 Years of MayFair
Harvard Square

Cafe Staffed By Homeless to Open Near Harvard Square In Fall 2018

Breaktime will offer vocational training, employment, and career mentorship to its employees, according to co-founders Connor Schoen ’21 and Tony Shu ’21.