Op Eds

Lawrence Lessig

How to Fix Politics

Our representatives need to spend more time representing us and less time fundraising from us.


Lost in Transformation

What is ironic is that although we worry a lot about our future plans, our lives are so busy that we rarely have time to stop and think about the future.

Jay Gonzalez

Gonzalez’s Endowment Tax Is a Disgusting Proposal

This isn’t just another endowment tax. This is a tax on financial aid. This is a tax on education. But perhaps most disgustingly, this is a tax on human lives and progress.


A Toxic Culture

The greater culture echoed by Grassley, Cornyn, Hatch, McConnell, and others cannot be accepted. It must be changed.

IGP Freshman Show

Big Failures and Little Wins

Three auditions, three days, no callbacks. I failed, and it hurt.

Green is the New Crimson

Harvard Should Establish an Internal Carbon Tax

An internal carbon tax does not remove money from Harvard’s hands — rather, it re-allocates it in a socially-responsible manner.


Preventing Heat Deaths in Our Prisons

The people of Massachusetts should tell the DPH to do its job and apply consistent and humane temperature regulations to all of the vulnerable populations housed across our public facilities.

Barker Center

Why Harvard Should Offer an Ethnic Studies Concentration

The fight for ethnic studies at Harvard is not a new one — but there has never been a more pressing need for thoughtful conversations about ethnic studies.

2016 Elections: Students at the IOP

A Call for A Civic Awakening

Public discourse on campus is currently dominated by self-righteous and intransigeant vocal minorities on both the left and right.

Sunday Night with the UC

UC Election Reform Begins an Experiment in Democracy

It would be a mistake to consider the change to the UC's electoral system as merely clerical, woefully technical, or, worse, inconsequential.


How to Be an Ally to Sexual Violence Survivors

We all must strive to be allies to those who have suffered, even when it is difficult. If we build networks of support, we can tear down the isolation and silence that perpetuate this epidemic.

“Looking Like a Feminist: Living and Wearing a Politics of the Body”

The Practicality of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

My interest in concentrating in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is often met with puzzled facial expressions, followed by the simple, patronizing question: “But, why?”

Spikeball Kids

The Connection Challenge

“Let’s grab a meal sometime” is the largest missed opportunity in a campus full of students who love nothing more than opportunity.

huds items

Spicing Up the D-Hall: A Call for Korean Condiments

Perhaps more than ever, finding points of agreement between an increasingly diverse number of cultures and ethnicities will only grow more and more important.


The Nuance Beyond Good and Evil

If we are sanctimonious enough, the monuments to Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and MLK can be disqualified from having a place of honor in our society.