University News

GSAS's Dudley House

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Hires New Title IX Coordinator

Danielle E. Farrell will serve as the new Title IX coordinator for the roughly 4,000 Ph.D. and masters students enrolled in GSAS.

Walk Out for Christine Ford and Deborah Ramirez
Student Groups

Hundreds of Harvard Law Students Walk Out of Class to Support Kavanaugh Accusers

Many law school students pinned small pink buttons declaring “I Believe Christine Blasey Ford” to their chests.

Medical School Gun Violence Rally
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Demonstrators Demand Gun Control, Gun Research Funding

The event was organized by “Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic,” a national organization of healthcare professionals which advocates for “evidence-based policy” to reduce gun injuries.

Diversity Dean Chapman
Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Students, Encouraged by Diversity Efforts, Say They’re 'Energized' to Push For More

The Harvard Kennedy School has taken a number of steps in recent months to address concerns students and faculty raised about diversity.

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse

Harvard Asks Judge to Allow Students to Testify in Admissions Trial

Harvard asked a federal judge to allow a number of College students and alumni to testify in support of its race-conscious admissions policies. But the group suing the University doesn't want them to speak.

Bacow in Michigan
Higher Education

Bacow Heads to Home State of Michigan In Quest to Fix Harvard’s Image Problem

Bacow, a Michigan native, stopped through Detroit and Pontiac to make the case to locals that Harvard can positively impact their lives and neighborhoods. The trip comes at a perilous moment for higher education in America.

UC first meeting Smith Center

UC, Harvard Grad Council Collaborate on Mentorship Program

The Undergraduate Council and the Harvard Graduate Council plan to create a mentorship program this fall that will pair undergraduate and graduate students according to their interests and career goals.

Capitol Building
Central Administration

With Endowment Tax on the Horizon, Harvard Still Doesn’t Know How to File Its Returns

Harvard is still awaiting federal guidance on how to file taxes under a law passed in Dec. 2017 that levied an “unprecedented” excise tax on some universities’ endowment returns, according to a spokeswoman.

Radcliffe Yard in Spring
Radcliffe Institute

Radcliffe Institute Panelists Discuss Contemporary Feminism

The Institute convened “Feminisms Now” in honor of the Schlesinger Library’s 75th Anniversary and the event highlighted how feminism has changed since its founding.

Natasha Warikoo

White Students at Elite Universities Support Affirmative Action Out of ‘Self-Interest,’ Harvard Professor Finds in Study

“It was sometimes problematic because they saw affirmative action as something to benefit themselves, rather than a policy that’s about justice or racial equity or access,” study author Natasha K. Warikoo said in an interview.

Division of Continuing Education
Extension School

Extension School Expands Library Access for Students, Closes Grossman

The Division of Continuing Education’s Grossman Library closed its doors permanently after merging with the larger Harvard College Library system.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
Student Groups

Title IX Office Creates Student Liaison Program

The University’s Title IX office will form a student liaison committee in an effort to better educate students about its policies and resources.

Bacow at Convocation

Bacow, Khurana Call for Civic Engagement in Challenging Times At Convocation

In his first speech to students as Harvard's president, Bacow gave the wide-eyed freshmen homework: registering to vote.

Admissions Lawsuit

Five Things You Need to Know About the Harvard Admissions Lawsuit

The case is set to go to trial on Oct. 15 in a Boston courthouse. A lot happened over the summer — so read up on the five major developments you need to know before the school year starts.

Lawrence Bacow
Central Administration

Bacow 'Swooped' Into Opening Days With Instagram-Worthy Enthusiasm

Two months into his presidency — and days into his first semester — Bacow is taking an active, and very visible, role in undergraduate life.