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The Irrelevance of Party Platforms

This election should have been more than a vote on party platforms, and it also should have been more than a vote of confidence in Obama.


Dissent: Moral Nonequivalence

Not only did the event display no level of detail or nuance regarding the situation, but it was also detrimental to the peace process.

ISIS Fighters

Ideology Versus Foreign Policy

President Obama should not underpin his speeches with ideology if he is not prepared for the United States to practice what he preaches.


Harvard Neglects Humanities at Own Peril

Extracurricular activities, arts, the humanities, and other related fields offer more than a diversity of opportunity on Harvard’s campus. They provide a wealth of new ideas and ways of thinking that make the community interesting and vibrant.


Freeing Prisoners for Political Gain

For our system to work, the fundamental principle must be that criminals will be equally and appropriately punished for their crimes regardless of who they are. Justice needs to be applied both blindly and uniformly.


Referendum Relevance

The administration is much more likely to address a demonstration of a detailed cost-benefit analysis coupled with a practical and possible policy proposal than it is seriously to consider a single-sentence statement of support.


Republicans in New Jersey?

These numbers illustrate an additional lesson: There’s a distinction between statewide and national political ideology.