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Student Groups

Activists, Law Profs Divided on Title IX Decision

Student activists and the lawyer behind the original Law School complaint have praised the findings and expressed cautious hope for the future. Law School professors who previously denounced Harvard’s sexual harassment policy, meanwhile, criticized the decision.

Sexual Harassment Policy Meeting
Central Administration

New Law School Sexual Harassment Procedures Break From University Framework

If the Law School’s new procedures are implemented, the University’s approach to investigating sexual harassment complaints against students will no longer be consistent across all of its schools.

Harvard Law School

Law School Found in Violation of Title IX after Years-Long Probe

In its investigation into the Law School’s Title IX compliance, the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights found that the Law School “failed to comply with Title IX's requirements for prompt and equitable response” to complaints of alleged sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Harvard Business School

Senior Advisor to Faust To Appeal Indian Court Guilty Verdict

Business School professor Krishna G. Palepu was found guilty of receiving excessive compensation without first receiving proper governmental approval on Monday.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
Office of Career Services

Why HMC?: The Students Who Work for Harvard's Endowment

HMC has established itself as a unique alternative to more traditional finance internships, offering students an educational introduction to financial employment and an opportunity to further the University’s mission.

ESPN College GameDay
Flyby Front Feature

'College GameDay' Does The Game

Saturday isn’t just about winning a football game. It’s about humiliating Yale in front of a national audience.


Panel Explores Mental Health, Asian American Culture

Asian and Asian American students face unique mental health challenges as a byproduct of both ethnic stereotypes and cultural attitudes, panelists said Wednesday.

Excavation Results Day
Student Life

More Remnants of Indian College in Yard Emerge

After discovering the foundation of the Indian College in previous digs, students said that the discovery of a “clay cap” basement structure could shed new light on life at the school, which was erected in 1655 and dismantled in 1698.

Lamont's New Self-Checkout Option
Student Life

Lamont, Cabot Libraries Introduce Self-Checkout

The two machines—one at each location—stand near the circulation desks at both libraries.

Earth Science Week

Natural History Museum Celebrates Earth Science Week

Scientists and researchers at Harvard’s museums shared their knowledge of fossils, gems, and other geological artifacts with the public this week as a part of Earth Science Week.


Undergrad Initiative Aims To Revitalize Humanities

The students at the meeting emphasized the need for a more visible, centralized place to explore post-graduation applications of the humanities outside of traditional paths like professional school or academia.


Forest Seminar Series Aims To Engage Students

As pointed dialogue about climate change takes place both on and off campus, the Harvard Forest Seminar Series this semester seeks to spark discussion on environmental issues.

Ukraine Crisis Panel

European Politicians Discuss Crisis in Ukraine

Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt and former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti called for a more stringent European response to the crisis during a discussion Monday