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Harvard College Film Festival’s Blockbuster Year Heralds Growth

The HCFF has grown remarkably over its brief lifespan, and its explosive expansion underscores the organization’s potential to serve as a focal point and forum for discussion among film-makers and film aficionados alike.

"Switch" at Le Laboratoire

Despite Flaws, ‘Switch’ at Le Laboratoire Captivates

Thanks to its unstable story, the whole of “Switch” is less than the sum of its parts, but those parts are so compelling that they are absolutely worth a look.

Courtesy of Domino Records

'Pool': A Poppy Meditation On Emptiness

“Pool” is a mindfully executed, poppy meditation on emptiness and appearance, its themes granting a veneer of intentionality to its at-times imprecise soundscapes. Its tracks are upbeat, danceable, and thoroughly unsettling. Porches is a young band worth keeping an eye on—especially now that “Pool” is open for business.

Eliza B. Mantz
On Campus

Mantz, on Both Sides of the Spotlight

Lighting designer and actress Eliza B. Mantz '18 is one of the most prolific theater-makers to declare the new Theater, Dance and Media Studies concentration.

The Rake's Progress
On Campus

“Rake’s Progress” to Bring Ambition, Modern Opera to Agassiz

HCO’s decision to perform “The Rake’s Progress” is an ambitious one that will, with a little bit of luck, bring out the best in its enormously talented cast and crew while allowing viewers to enjoy an acclaimed modern opera.

Adriano O. Iqbal

Arts Vanity Issue: How To Avoid Writing Anything Ever

I didn’t want to write a vanity, so I made a program to write my vanity for me.


Banding Together

The Queen's Head Pub's introduction of biweekly College Nights featuring live bands and DJs provides student musicians a reliable venue in which to hone their craft and gives the student population access to an alternative, inclusive social space.


'Experimenter' Strange and Wonderful

"Experimenter," Michael Almereyda's film about the psychologist Stanley Milgram, manages to be something truly rare: a biopic with a soul as quirky and compelling as its protagonist.


Boston Calling September 2015: Chromeo

Electro-funk duo Chromeo’s Boston Calling performance was so unabashedly kitschy that, at some point during the set, it rolled back over into the territory of unambiguously cool.


Boston Calling September 2015: Alt-J

Alt-J’s image isn’t that of a concert band, and though that dissonance didn’t go unnoticed, the group’s undeniable musical chops made their set a strong, though not quite a historic.


Chvrches Continues Synth-Pop Reign on 'Every Open Eye'

Despite the frequently quick turnover for synthy artists, Chvrches shows no signs of falling into a sophomore slump on their second album, “Every Open Eye.”

Boston Calling

Boston Calling September 2015

The Crimson Arts Board reviews the sixth edition of Boston Calling, which has over the past three years become a staple of the East Coast live music scene.

Casting Call

Casting Call

Unbeknownst to many Harvard students, there are quite a few non-Harvard affiliated individuals who participate in Harvard’s theater scene in roles ranging from actors to musicians to set designers to choreographers. Harvard actors, however, tend to participate less in the city theater community, and some perceive transitioning from undergraduate to professional theater to be a difficult process.


Interview with T. Coraghessan Boyle

The most difficult thing…about being on the road on an endless tour is underwear. What are you gonna do about your underwear? You have to be in the same hotel for two days to get your underwear washed.


'Unfriended' Inspires Only a Little Love

"Unfriended" tries some truly radical techniques, but the triteness of the film's story itself prevents it from ascending to the pantheon of cinema greatness.