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Global Media Jumps on Porcellian Club Controversy

​When a leader from Harvard’s most reclusive final club spoke out publicly for the first time in decades, reporters across the globe jumped on the story.


Divest Protesters Released, Likely to Settle Case

Four members of the student activist group Divest Harvard were arraigned and charged with trespassing after staging a sit-in in the lobby of the Boston Federal Reserve, home to the offices of the Harvard Management Company, which manages Harvard’s $37.6 billion endowment.


Student-Only Group Will Provide ‘Unfettered’ Input on College Sexual Assault Prevention

Fulfilling a longtime wish, a committee composed solely of undergraduates has begun meeting to provide “unfettered” input for administrators as the College seeks to implement sexual assault prevention measures.


Don’t worry about Mumps at Mather Lather. You’re safe.

The theme of Mather Lather, a College-wide foam party hosted by Mather House hosted every spring, this year is #FOAMO. But to be honest, given the recent mumps outbreak at Harvard, are you really missing out if you don’t go?

Hear Me Now
Student Groups

Students Reflect on Sexual Assault at ‘Hear Me Now’ Vigil

Shrouded by candlelight on the steps of Memorial Church, students spoke out against sexual assault and shared personal stories Wednesday night as administrators and other spectators looked on.

Dean Khurana Holds Town Hall

Racially-Charged Messages Spark Controversy in Admitted Students Group Chat

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 denounced offensive messages last Friday that some admitted students had posted in an unofficial group chat for the Class of 2020.

Timeline of Harvard's Hard Alcohol Policies
House Life

After Shaky Past, Harvard’s Grip on Hard Alcohol Could Tighten

Harvard, like many colleges, has a troubled history with hard alcohol. Now, after the release of a University-wide sexual assault prevention report, the College again has returned to the debate.

Students Rally Against Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Recommendations Put Social Life Under Microscope

Although the report urges wide-scale change, many of the recommendations are already in progress, and now the College has formed two working groups to review the report and recommend a College-specific plan of action.


Alex Miller Appointed Assistant Dean of Student Life

​Come this June, a fresh face will join the ranks of the College’s Office of Student Life: Alex Miller, the University of Chicago’s Director of Student Involvement will serve as the College’s Assistant Dean of Student Life.

Dunster Dining Hall

Residents Were Unaware of Mumps Isolations at the Inn

Residents first received official notification at a town hall discussion held last Thursday, at least six days after one student with mumps moved into a room in the Inn.

Storming The Yard

Housing Day Brings Fanfare, and Disappointment, to Freshmen

As colorful banners emblazoned with House shields and upperclassmen dressed in themed attire occupied the Yard on Housing Day, there was a palpable tension inside freshmen dorms

Junot Diaz Kirkland
Fifteen Questions

15 Questions with Junot Díaz

"So rare are eruptions of activism that have at [their hearts] justice that I am just so glad to have it—I never wished to have it earlier or later."

Currier House

After Controversy, Currier Removes Trump-Themed Video

Although businessman Donald J. Trump won three states in Tuesday’s primaries, his presence as the subject of Currier House’s Housing Day video was far less welcome.

Prevalence of Nonconsensual Sexual Contact in Current Year
Drew Faust

Students Call for Action On Report Recommendations

Undergraduates involved with sexual assault advocacy on campus, meanwhile, said they were pleased with the report’s proposals, but are now waiting for the College to take concrete steps.

Adams House Gate


<p>As if going to Harvard weren’t enough to brag about, the (randomly) chosen few will be able to name drop Adams come Housing Day. There are so many reasons Adams is considered the gold standard, but we want to highlight a few of the less publicized ones.</p>