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Tom's BaoBao
Food and Drink

Tom’s BaoBao: A Steamy Proposition

Despite the hyperbolic hype-building, the end product, though passable and even tasty, does not quite live up to its billing.

Curious George Store Closing
Harvard Square

Hate It: The World's Only Curious George Store

Settled snugly in the acute angle created by the bifurcation of Mass. Ave into Brattle and JFK, the building is a charming combination of marble foundation and red-brick upper levels. Its least attractive feature is without a doubt its first-floor tenant: the self-styled “The World’s Only Curious George Store.”

Harry Lewis Q&A
Student Groups

Lewis Sharpens Critique of Single-Gender Policy

​Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 is becoming increasingly vocal in his opposition to the College’s new policy that will penalize student involvement in single-gender social organizations.

College Dean Rakesh Khurana

Khurana Announces Single Gender Policy Enforcement Committee

The committee tasked with implementing the College’s new policy penalizing unrecognized single-gender social groups will craft regulations that could pave the way for a formal relationship between Harvard and private student organizations that do have gender-neutral membership.

The Porcellian Door
Student Groups

In Porcellian Punch, A Loose Interpretation of ‘Open’

​A sophomore hopeful of joining the Porcellian might have expected some big changes to the club’s punch process this year. But invitations did not indicate the process this year was open.

A.D. Club Punch

A.D. Begins First ‘Open Punch’ with Schmoozing and Soft Drinks

Scores of blazer-clad undergraduate men trickled into the ballroom of the Sheraton Commander hotel on Tuesday evening for the all-male A.D. Club’s first ever “open punch” event.

Rob Wood

Robert J. Wood

Wood also repeats many of the aphorisms typical of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: He describes the ever-arching motivation for his work as the desire to design and build completely novel creations.

Fly Club

In the Face of Sanctions, Fly Retains Legal Counsel

The legal team, with Cambridge attorney Harvey A. Silverglate the most prominent among them, has a long history of advising Harvard undergraduates who face disciplinary action from the College.

Ellison Clarifies Role in Final Club Case

Owl Club To Host ‘Open Punch’

This semester, the all-male Owl Club will, for the first time in its history, hold a punch process “open to all sophomore males,” and by invitation for junior and senior males, according to Owl undergraduate president Kevin D. Rex ’17.

Open Punch

With Stumbles, Final Clubs Prep For Unique ‘Punch’ Season

The A.D.’s apparent gaff underscores—albeit humorously—many of the questions surrounding final clubs and gender in one of the last fall recruitment, or “punch,” seasons before a new College policy begins to penalize single-gender clubs.

A Gathering Crowd
Student Groups

Sab To Go Gender Neutral Next Fall, Host Open Punch

The currently all-female Sablière society has committed to going gender neutral by next fall, according to graduate board president Ariel Stoddard ’10.


Committee Set to Consider Motion Against Social Org. Sanctions

The Faculty Council’s newly-elected docket committee is set to consider a motion filed last spring that some professors believe could prevent College sanctions against members of single-gender social organizations from taking effect.

CS50 Lecture

CS50 Moves Away from Traditional Lectures, Toward Virtual Reality

Students enrolled in CS50 this fall will only be asked to attend two lectures in person, among other changes announced for the popular course.


Seneca To Go Gender Neutral, But Membership Could Stay All-Women

This fall, the all-female Seneca organization will formally adopt a gender neutral policy in response to administrative sanctions against single-gender social groups—but future memberships could remain all-women in practice without running afoul of the College’s penalties.

Knock Before Entering

Co-Ed Motion Fails In Fox Club Graduate Vote

A Thursday morning vote that would have allowed Fox undergraduates to elect women as members in the club narrowly failed, effectively reversing a move by Fox undergraduates last year to extend membership to future classes of women.