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16 mm Film
On Campus

Lights, Camera, Archive

Tucked beneath the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, the Harvard Film Archive is easy to miss. Yet as one of the most prominent university-based film collections in the U.S., the archive is a cinephile’s gem—one that cultivates a dynamic space for the film-watching community.

Shaun V. Gohel

Arts Vanity Issue: Which Arts Exec Are You? (A Guide)

You’re not afraid to stick it to the man. You don’t need no man. You co-wrote Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man.”

Vega Intl.

'VEGA INTL. Night School' Stylish Fun from Neon Indian

“VEGA INTL. Night School” stands as a glossy new addition to Neon Indian’s catalogue that draws on elements of the past, including the tongue-in-cheek nature of 1980s hits, to push its singular sound forward.


Into the Archives

Though Harvard’s various archives have perhaps been underutilized by students at the College in the past, their staffs are working to change that status quo.


'Jaded' A Triumphant Return for Disclosure

Disclosure has concocted yet another current, irresistibly catchy pop tune.

Petite Noir

Petite Noir Expertly Brings Together Disparate Cultural Influences on 'La Vie Est Belle'

“La Vie Est Belle” fully lives up to its name—despite drawing from a number of clashing influences, Ilunga has produced a variegated, compulsively listenable record.


'Poxl West' a Soaring First Flight

Torday’s indisputable, immense talent as a writer and storyteller manage to keep "The Last Flight" from dipping dangerously close to the haphazard.


'Clouds' Provides Ethereal Spectacle

"Clouds of Sils Maria" is a lovely film about youth and mortality that, when it backs away from overt symbolism, provides the sublime subtlety that we want when we watch a movie.

On Campus

'SKETCH' Brings Laughs to Adams Pool Theater

Now in its second year, “SKETCH,” which ran from March 26th to March 28th in the Adams Pool Theater, is Harvard’s stab at creating its own live, entirely student-written sketch comedy show.

"Night at the Fiestas"

'Night at the Fiestas' a Gorgeous Celebration

A few minor faults notwithstanding, “Night at the Fiestas” truly is a brilliant piece of literature. It transcends the prototypical modern short story collection because Quade possesses an extraordinary insight into human nature.

Jack Ü

'Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü' An Unsubtle Collection of Bangers

 “Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü” plays like aural Red Bull—fizzy and invigorating, its swirling caffeine highs generally compensate for its eventual crash of a conclusion.


'Lazarus Effect' Fails to Come Alive

"The Lazarus Effect" promises a frightening reprise of the classic reanimated corpse horror flick, but poor writing and predictable plots leave this body stiff.

Vestiges and Claws

'Vestiges and Claws' Beautiful But Lacking in Innovation

Though “Vestiges and Claws” is both melodically and lyrically stunning, José González's third effort offers little in terms of emotional depth or any semblance of artistic innovation from his previous work.

Karen Christianson 1
On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Karen Christianson

Karen E. Christianson '17 has performed at Notre Dame, Salzburg Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey. When she isn't at her organ, however, she is a Harvard student, and this week, she took time off from her atypical schedule to talk with The Crimson on her music.

On Campus

Considering the Myth of Violence in Music and Society

"Project LENS: The Myth of Modern Violence" sought to reconcile Pinker’s controversial notion with the popular opinion that classical music has gradually become more harsh, dissonant, and violent over time.