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Merrick Garland Portrait

Harvard Yard to the Rose Garden: Merrick Garland's College Days

As a pre-med freshman, Merrick B. Garland ’74 likely did not see himself going to law school, let alone standing at the side of the United States President in 2016 as the most recent nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.


A Godless Congregation

The Harvard Community of Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics is a group of undergraduates who gather to discuss various topics as secular thinkers.


Teen Mag Quiz: Are You A Communist?

This year, red is the new black.


EdX Inaugurates Financial Aid Program

The virtual education platform co-founded by Harvard and MIT now allows financially disadvantaged students to receive a 90-percent discount on course certificates.

Around Town

A Curator with a Cause

Kitty Zen is one of almost 70 artists associated with ArtLifting, an online gallery that sells work by homeless and disabled individuals.


Harvard Alumni Join in Lawsuit Against Google

Thirteen Harvard alumni have joined a group of 710 plaintiffs in a privacy lawsuit against Google, alleging that the company had been intercepting their e-mail content through the Google Apps for Education platform from 2011 to 2014.

Capodilupo gestures at the WHOOP office

WHOOP, There It Is

On any given morning, a WHOOP user may wake up to a high green score—a “go-ahead” for practices and competitions—or a “no-go” low red score.

Central Administration

Judge Recommends that Disability Lawsuit Proceed

A Massachusetts magistrate judge recommended that the District Court deny Harvard’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that alleges the University is discriminating against deaf and hard of hearing individuals by not providing closed captioning for all online content.

Facebook at Puzzle Day

CS50 Forays Into High School Computer Science with AP Pilot

CS50, one of the College's largest courses, is adding high school education to its sizeable portfolio with an AP Course supported heavily by Microsoft and currently being piloted in more than 40 high schools across the nation.

Harvard's Weather Man

Eye of the Storm

At Harvard, Cappucci has made a name for himself as the unofficial meteorologist of the Class of 2019 Facebook group.

Morals and the Mind

Call Him Fiery

"I am Fiery," Cushman begins his first lecture of the semester. "Fiery is pronounced like the adjective. It is actually my real name, and it’s my preference that you use it."


New Humanitarian Studies Course Debuts

The course, entitled GHHP 70: “Global Response to Disasters and Refugee Crises,” is intended to teach students to apply global health theory and policy to real-world humanitarian crises.

Tourist Buffet
FM Travel Issue

Tourist Buffet

Tourist Buffet
Food and Drink

Tourist Buffet

When the tour guide told us that we would be eating lunch at a buffet right next to the entrance to Machu Picchu, I imagined a theme-park extravaganza of starch and docile proteins, coated in a gloss of mayonnaise.

Shopping in the Square
Harvard Square

Holiday Fair Draws Loyal Shoppers and Vendors

Many customers said they are drawn to the fair because of the personal shopping experience and the unique handmade products, which include body products, clothing, glassware, ceramics, and prints.