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The Spee Club

Social Groups’ Grad Boards Could Pose Obstacle to Avoiding Sanctions Under New Plan

Harvard could deny recognition—and exemption from the College’s sanctions—to student social groups whose graduate boards it determines exert too much sway over the organizations.

Christian Union Funding
Student Groups

As Admins Urge Disaffiliation, Report Shows Parent Group Gave $600,000 to HCFA in 2017

​Christian Union—the parent group for Harvard College Faith and Action, a campus Christian group currently on "administrative probation"—reported over $600,000 in expenditures for HCFA in 2017.

Final Clubs

Social Group Coalitions Spent $90,000 Lobbying On Anti-Sanctions Bill in First Quarter of 2018

Two organizations spent a total of $90,000 in the first quarter of 2018 lobbying around legislation that could imperil the College’s ability to enforce its social group sanctions.

HCFA Building
Student Groups

Students Hold ‘Emergency’ Meeting To Discuss Harvard's Response to Faith Group

According to the organizers of Friday’s meeting, attendees emphasized the need for the College to take stronger disciplinary action against Harvard College Faith and Action.

Rakesh Khurana
Final Clubs

Khurana Speaks Out Against Movement to Oppose Sanctions

Asked whether he is concerned by the push to oppose the penalties, Khurana said he thinks “people should respect a private institution’s ability to organize itself around its mission.”

Divide Long Exposure
Front Photo Feature

52 Minutes: Inside the Arrest of a Black Harvard Student

The Crimson annotates an official timeline of the arrest of a black undergraduate April 13 that sparked allegations of police brutality and led to questions over who was contacted to come to the student's aid and why.

The Spee Club

Harvard May Demand Social Groups Submit Gender Breakdowns to Avoid Sanctions

Harvard is considering requiring gender-neutral student social groups to disclose anonymized gender breakdowns to the College in order to avoid Harvard’s sanctions, per an email obtained by The Crimson.

Lamont Outside Night

Employee Planned Show Containing Anti-Semitism, Nudity in Harvard Workplace During Work Hours

Harvard employee Eric Clopper filmed promotional videos and planned his controversial one-man performance during work hours and in his workplace, the Language Resource Center in Lamont Library.

Eric Clopper flyer

Harvard ‘Reviewing’ Employee’s Nude, Anti-Semitic Rant in Sanders Theatre

​Harvard is “reviewing” reports that University employee Eric Clopper made anti-Semitic comments and stripped to the nude during a public performance in Sanders Theatre.

HCFA Building

In Private Meeting About HCFA, Dean Cited Fears Harvard Seen as Attacking Christianity

At the March 9 meeting, Davis said some administrators worried Harvard would be perceived as waging war on Christianity if the College punished HCFA further, according to four students in attendance.

The New Resident Dean
College Administration

Brigitte Libby Named Assistant Dean of Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

Current Pforzheimer House resident dean Brigitte A. B. Libby will assume the position, which helps oversee the Honor Council, starting June 4.

Capitol Building

Harvard Undergrads Lobby Congress In Effort to Imperil Sanctions

The students are particularly lobbying around the PROSPER Act, a proposed update to the Higher Education Act that—if passed—could force Harvard to choose between millions of dollars in federal research funding and its social group penalties.

Sheehan D. Scarborough

Following HCFA Controversy, BGLTQ Office To Create Religious Support Group

The announcement comes a few months after the Office of Student Life announced it was placing Harvard College Faith and Action on administrative probation for a year.

Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr.

Officers Who Arrested Black Student Had Not Taken Extra Training on Engaging Mentally Ill Individuals

Roughly one-third of CPD’s officers and all supervisors have taken the non-mandatory training to date. CPD's stated goal is to put "the entire department" through the program.


Cambridge Police Will Add Office to Monitor Racial Bias, Use of Force

Through the new office, which will be called the Office of Procedural Justice, Cambridge Police hopes to show a commitment to transparency and responsibility by analyzing citizens’ confrontations with the police.