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Jessenia N. Class

Jessenia N. Class '20 is an Associate Editorial Editor and Editorial Writer living in Quincy House. She studies Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology, and is originally from outside of Newark, New Jersey. Her interests include culture, identity, and the hands that shape them both.

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March for Our Lives is Great, But Not Enough

If communities took initiative to implement effective preventative measures on a local level, this would have a higher chance of affecting real change.

A Forest Fire Perhaps

A Forest Fire, Perhaps

She was surrounded in her home by 70 years of things she bought and worked for without ever learning how to read. Without ever needing to know how to read.


Finding Mañana, Again

As an increasing number of Puerto Ricans decide to call the United States their new home, America must be careful to prevent the treatment of this mass exodus from transmogrifying into the second coming of the Marielitos.


The Ice Cream Metaphor

It wasn’t so much the hard facts but the expression of it, the words themselves—the ones we said aloud and alluded to in the spaces caught between our metaphors—that were beautiful.


Breaking Harvard’s Liberal Echo Chamber

It is all too easy to fall prey to this isolation of political thought and the zeitgeist of liberalism in today’s political climate.


On ‘Speaking American’

“​American,” Spanish, or any other language is a part of this country too.


In Becoming a Money-Grubber

Using wealth as a metric for success is an unreachable expectation.

You, Halved Too!

You, Halved Too

I should not have to sacrifice one half of me for another for the facade to stand tall, and neither should anyone else.

Loneliness Longform Primary Illustration

The Lonely Side of Harvard

Loneliness is universal. It does not discriminate. And it unfortunately is a keystone of the sought-after Harvard experience that isn’t publicized in glossy brochures.


Not Us Too, Not Anymore

The bravery of the women who came out against Harvey Weinstein must not only be commended, but held as an example to all women that they too can speak out against sexual harassment and assault.


The HUDS Strike: A Year in Review

Being the most influential university in the world, it is disheartening that it took so long to reach this conclusion.


Donald Trump and the P.R. He Should Be Focusing On

While he spends all of this time tweeting temper tantrums about the NFL, the people of Puerto Rico are being ignored, left alone in their suffering.


Harvardian Civil Religion

Although the ideals of a Harvard education and the way in which it is obtained are not a straight line from a religious authority to the steps of Widener, this implicit way to be here has a reified tone to it.


The Social Networker

Real connections are what merit the worthiness of lending an opportunity to someone else, not the memorization of the rote facts of you muddled together in a shallow, haphazard attempt to chain yourself to someone else’s success.

Home(less) Illustration

Home(less) at Harvard

At Harvard, we’re learning to look at the situation of homelessness in a more constructive way.