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Rainbow Pride

Even Without a Rainbow Pin

For those of us who are not out in all or certain spaces on campus, know that your community is fighting to make this world a more welcoming place, and we’re here to support you regardless of your level of outness.


More Than a Friend

To queer people who are in un-affirming friendships, know that you deserve to be wholly seen and embraced by all of your friends.

Goodbye, Simon

While I love Simon and the youthful innocence he represents, he does not represent me or the majority of queer experiences.


Let’s Talk About (Straight) Sex

If sexual education isn’t BGLTQ-inclusive, it has failed and harmed a part of the population that it’s supposed to be empowering.


The Hypocrisy of Anti-BGLTQ Black Christians

Black queer and transgender people exist, and you cannot support black liberation unless you support the liberation of all black people.


Put a Ring on It?

Marriage isn’t the end-all-be-all of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. It never was, it never will be, and any suggestion that it is is naive at best and detrimental to the movement at worst.


Sticks and Stones

It’s incredibly important to allow people the agency and space to figure out who they are and label, or not label, themselves as they please.

Op Eds

How—and Why—to Practice Self-Care

Remember, you are more than your degree, more than your activities, and more than your schedule. First and foremost, you’re a person, worthy of respect, care, and comfort, from others and yourself. Setting aside bits of time each day to care for yourself can help you be a more fulfilled, complete person.


Embracing the Spectrum

Shattering binary structures isn’t just beneficial for people who live outside of them—although that should be reason enough, as an issue shouldn’t have to benefit the majority in order for it to be deemed worthwhile.


Making History

Our community has come a long way in our fight for equality, but we still have a long way to go.


My Existence Is Not an Intellectual Debate

If a marginalized person is talking about their experiences, listen to understand, not to immediately offer solutions or opinions.


Come Out, Come Out?

National Coming Out Day should be a day for all LGBTQ+ people, regardless of whether they shout their queerness from the rooftops or haven’t come out to anyone other than themselves.


Silent Closets

More research and dialogue needs to be done on LGBTQ sexual assault cases in order to tackle this issue, especially since our collective silence on it could be preventing survivors from speaking out and accessing resources.


Too Queer?

I am queer, so there’s no such thing as me seeming “too queer.” In the same way, I am black, so there’s no such thing as me seeming “too black.”


Minority Report

Being a minority doesn’t absolve anyone from problematic behavior.