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Final Space Photo

'Final Space' Going Light Speed to Nowhere

Despite a strong cast and an intriguing premise, “Final Space” feels like it is going nowhere. While there are still some mysterious elements to the show, the arcs of the characters are not compelling enough for viewers to be interested in uncovering them.

Everything Sucks Photo

Everything Sucks!’: Any Fans of the ‘90s?

The nerdy high school freshman kids in audiovisual (A/V) club, the theme of unrequited love, and introverts stepping out of their comfort zones could be in any ‘90s, coming-of-age movie or TV show, and “Everything Sucks!” is no exception. But the Netflix original takes all of these familiar tropes and exaggerates them to comedic effect, altering them to sidestep expectations.

'Early Man,' directed by Nick Park.

“Early Man” Bumbling yet Charming

The film’s strengths lie in its wide range of humor and the expressiveness of the claymation characters.


'A United Kingdom' Same Old Tale

In “A United Kingdom,” directed by Amma Asante, dramatic structures are thrown together with what seems to be a formulaic and all too familiar recipe.