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Harvard Affiliates Working for Trump

Breaking With 'Tradition,' Harvard Faculty Avoid Trump Administration

The distaste is mutual. Harvard faculty don’t want to work for Trump—and the administration likely doesn’t want to elevate academic elites.

Committee Kids Venn Diagram

The Committee Kids

They’re known on campus as committee kids—the students whose names appear time and time again on the rosters of Harvard’s student committees. But some charge the committee kids do not accurately represent the College's student body.

The Broad Institute

Harvard Researchers Trace Embryo Development

Harvard researchers—using zebrafish and frog embryos as models—have traced the process by which a single cell builds a complete organism.

The Science Center

Harvard Scientists Create New Dipolar Molecule

Harvard researchers have combined two atoms for the first time to form a single dipolar molecule with unique properties.


Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge Researchers Refine Origin of Life Hypothesis

Researchers from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Cambridge have found that sulfur compounds in the early earth’s atmosphere may have contributed to the origins of life.

Math Department Hires Second-Ever Senior Female Faculty Member

Math Dept Hires 2nd-Ever Female Tenured Prof, Ending Six-Year Drought

​Harvard’s Math Department has hired a woman as a senior professor for the second time in its history, ending a six-year streak in which the department boasted not a single woman of that rank.

Cora Dvorkin
Sciences Division

Physics Prof. Dvorkin Named 2018 Harvard Scientist of the Year

Assistant Physics professor Cora Dvorkin was named the 2018 Harvard Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations last month.

Chemistry Professor Aspuru-Guzik

Chemistry Professor Aspuru-Guzik to Leave Harvard

Chemistry Professor Alán Aspuru-Guzik will leave Harvard to join the faculty of the University of Toronto this summer.

University Hall
Sciences Division

Bloxham To Step Down as Dean of Science

Bloxham, who studies how planets generate magnetic fields, was first appointed FAS divisional dean for physical sciences in Aug. 2006.


Sciences Faculty Remember Stephen Hawking

Hawking, who died last Wednesday at the age of 76, was a renowned English theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

EPS Department Adds New Junior Faculty

​Several new junior faculty members have recently joined the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, according to Department Chair John H. Shaw.

George Church: Wild Biotech
Sciences Division

Harvard Researchers Link Personal Genomics to Blockchain Technology

The company hopes to address challenges facing the field of personal genomics, a discipline that maps individuals’ genetic blueprints.


Harvard Researchers Design Shark-Inspired Airfoil

Researchers from Harvard and the University of South Carolina have developed a new kind of airfoil, inspired by shark skin, that may improve lift in aircrafts.

Professor Daniel G. Nocera

Harvard Researchers Pioneer Photosynthetic Bionic Leaf

Nocera and Silver developed a bionic leaf that merges the artificial leaf with a genetically-engineered bacterium that consumes only hydrogen.


Physics Department Celebrates Julian Schwinger’s Life and Work

Former colleagues and students of Julian S. Schwinger remembered the late physicist for giving exceptional lectures.