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How to Get Lost in the Woods

There was an unspoken divide, invisible lines we crossed and continued to cross. We must have had some lingering fear of the unknown, which was tied up with our thirst to dive deeper and drink in every sun-flecked atom of the land that felt like ours.

Bucket Hat

Front and Center

As the landscape of affinity groups on campus has evolved, a consistent theme has been the struggle for space—space to gather, space to make minority voices heard, and space in the University consciousness as a whole.

Harvard Black Playwrights Festival

Vulnerability and Identity: Harvard Black Playwrights Festival

Shoulder to shoulder, actors stand in a line. Words pour out of them, tumbling in a self-embracing mantra: “Black is beautiful is I am black is beautiful is I am black…”

Automation vs. autoerotic asphyxiation

Automation vs. autoerotic asphyxiation

Automation vs. autoerotic asphyxiation!

General Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram: Automation vs. Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Neither is going to help your job search, that's for sure.


Small Towns, Big Ideas: Jamie Piltch and The Citizen's Story

For every person I interview or feature on my blog, if they think about citizenship just a little bit more, then I think I’ve done something good; I’ve helped people feel more connected in some way.