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Dunster Sophomore Common Room
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How to Up Your Common Room Decor

We're almost a month into school, and you still haven't hung your lights up...

Social Spaces
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Use Your BoardPlus Before the Semester Ends

You have 60 dollars of board plus left, and the overwhelming pressure of knowing you have to spend it in order to justify all the money you pay in tuition. Here's what to do.

Crimzone App
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A Compilation of Harvard Athletics' Bribes

Thank you, Harvard Athletics, for your noble attempt to distill school spirit into this jaded student population. But the bribes are getting a little ridiculous.

Weld Solarium
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Study Spot: Weld Solarium

​The secret 6th floor of Weld Hall—take the elevator to the 5th floor, then walk up the last flight of stairs.