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Germans and Reunification

BERLIN, November 6--Side by side on the bulletin board of the new, modern post office in Augsburg, West Germany, are

The Draft: Benefits--for the Future

WASHINGTON, D.C. Congressional sources differed this week about the chances of the Administration's new military manpower proposals, but there was


Monotonous. That's what it is, monotonous. When balmy April breezes blow dirt around the infield and stir the fervor of

Lattimore, Sundaram Urge Stress on 'Compatibilities'

Far East and West get together at New Lecture Hall last night and joined in urging a "search for Compatibilities"

Students, Faculty, Alumni Make Theater Drive Plans

In a pair of full-dress production conferences, the stage was set yesterday for stepped-up action on both the national and

Harvard Theater: Puritans in Greasepaint

In the late fall of 1762 seven stern-faced Puritans gathered in the drafty study of President Holyoke's house to ponder

Secret Scroll, Too Big For Hiding-Place, Retired After Sixty-Seven Year History

One bright day last June a small white-haired man crossed the path between Matthews and Grays carrying a bulky, brown

Princeton: The College Called University

Resplendent in black and orange beanies, Princeton's freshman class traditionally marches off for an annual duel of rope with the

MacLeish, Levin Laud Plan For New Drama Workshop

Two University professors yesterday lauded the Dramatic Club's new acting laboratory as one of the most significant steps toward a

Dramatic Club Initiates New Theatre Workshop

In an effort to revitalize theatrical activity in the University, the Dramatic Club yesterday initiated a permanent theatre workshop to

"A Lion Is in the Streets"

Recent months have proved that a movie in three dimensions does not necessarily have depth; A Lion is in the

Twelve Little Cards

With the growth of Harvard from a small provincial college into a great University, a unique paranoia has swept the

Housemasters Reaffirm Saturday Parietal Slash

Fervent student appeals for reinstatement of the 11 p.m. parietal deadline on football Saturdays failed to move the housemasters last

Education and the Fifth Amendment

No person shall be held to answer for a capital or other infamous crime unless on presentation of indictment of

Jenner Brings Obliging Witness Before Public

In a return engagement which opened yesterday at Boston's Federal Court Building the Jenner Senate Internal Security Subcommittee broke one