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Commager Says U.S. No Mistake

Henry Steele Commager disappointed the people who came last night to hear him praise or condemn present American life in

Cliffies Will Have New House by 1970

Radcliffe will begin construction of all the remaining units of its new house this summer, and hopes to have them

Education for Action Weathers Fund Crisis

Education for Action, despite months of insolvency and organizational confusion, will probably stay together to run its own program this

'Cliffe Dedicates Hilles Study Center

Radcliffe formally dedicated Hilles Library yesterday, and named its new $5 million library-study center in honor of Susan Morse and

Lamont Will Open to Cliffies After Twenty Celibate Years

Lamont Library will be opened to Radcliffe students at the beginning of the spring term, Merle Fainsod, Director of the

Hilles Library Staff Conducts Study That Refutes Alleged Overcrowding

Six weeks ago, when Radcliffe's new $5 million Hilles Library opened, delighted Cliffies were heard to exclaim, "Can it really

New Library Is A Delight For Cliffies

Radcliffe students had their first chance to explore the college's new $5 million Hilles Library-Study Center Monday, and the reaction

Bay State Banner

When you walk up Warren St. in Roxbury to go to the office of Melvin Miller, change is all around

Sign-Out Debate Is Over: RGA Approves New Rules

The Radcliffe Government Association yesterday concluded its year-long debate on sign-out regulations, and unanimously passed the plan proposed by its

Majority of RGA Oppose Change In Sign-Out Rule

A majority of Radcliffe Government Association members are opposed to the proposed changes in the sign-out rules, Suzanne Wilson '67,

WHRB: Committed to an Esoteric Image

Last January WHRB announcer Pete Salerno '68 won Playboy magazine's nationwide jazz prediction poll, a dis-jockey contest to guess what

Krassner 'Performs' at Law School, Debunks Draft and Ginzburg Ruling

The four-letter-word fans who filled the Ames Courtroom last night to hear a talk by Paul Krassner, editor of The

Hilles Library Will urn Midnight Oil

The Radcliffe Library will adopt an open reserve system, checkers at the doors, and longer hours next Fall, when construction

MPHA to Seek Professors' Aid On Birth Control

The Massachusetts Public Health Association has started a state wise campaign to win the support of college and university professors