Prof. H. Newell Martin lectures before the Natural History Society in Sanders Theatre at 7.45, on "The Beat of the Heart."

"Certain English Authors Considered as Masters of Style." Special subject: "Carlyle." Prof. A. S. Hill, Sever 11, 11 A. M.

Mr. Perry lectures on English Literature in Sever 11 at 3 P. M.

Latin Reading. Epistles of Horace. Mr. Phillips, Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

Law Faculty. Meeting at president's house, 7.30 P. M.


JUNIOR THEMES.Theme II. will be returned with criticisms to sub-section I. (Allen to Coit) Tuesday, Jan. 10, at Sever 1, as follows: Allen to Beals, 3 P. M.; Belshaw to E. T. Cabot, 3.30; H. B. Cabot to Coit, 4; those who have a conflict, 3 - 4, at 4.30 P. M.

Returned to sub-section II. Jan. 12, and sub-section III. Jan. 17.

Theme II. will be returned with criticisms to sub-section I. (Leatherbee to O'Callaghan), Tuesday, Jan. 10, at Sever 5, as follows: Leatherbee to Lyman, 3 P. M.; McArthur to Morris, 3.30; Morse to O'Callaghan, 4.

Theme II. returned to sub-section II. Jan. 12, and to sub-section III. Jan. 17.

FRESHMAN PHYSICS.There will be no lecture in Freshman Physics today. Unless further notice is given lectures may be expected on Friday and Saturday of this week.

E. H. HALL.There was no lecture yesterday.

Chemistry 1. - Recitation on Thursday and Friday this week. Subject: "Mendelejeff's Table, Chromium and Manganese." Next week recitations will take the place of lectures, the first division reciting on Monday, and the second on Friday from 12 to 1. The last lecture before the semi-annuals will include "Gold."