Commencement parts. At 4 P. M., in Sever 5, another opportunity will be given seniors to propose subjects for their commencement parts or to change those already proposed.

English Readings. "Chaucer's Knight's Tale" concluded. Professor Child. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

THE HERALD PRIMER.A book; a good book.

Ah, but it is a picture of a little horse, is it not?

Yes; it is a po-ny; but a po-ny is a book.


Yes, that is right; what can the po-ny do?

He can trot.

Is the pony new?

Oh, no; the po-ny is old, but use-ful.

What kind of ears has the po-ny?

The po-ny has dog-ears.

Who owns the po-ny?

No one; he is always cribbed.

Now tell me, in a nice way, how long the po-ny lives.

(Chorus.) Un-til his course is end-ed.