It is announced that a brass band has been discovered in the solar spectrum. - [Ex.

The furniture in the Chinese educational building at Hartford was sold recently for $1,625. - [News.

Thackeray says that when any one extends as a greeting, two or three fingers of the hand only, he feels impelled to offer only one in return.

Why is the Prince of Wales meditating on his mother's government like a rainbow? Because 'tis the reflection of the son on a steady reign. - [Ex.

Next March, Turkey's old and clumsy system of weights and measures gives way to the metric system. The unit of the new system is called the archius, and is equal to the French metre. - [Ex.


A Boston daily paper recently said, "Daniel Webster again bestrides the country like a colussas," which is extremely good for a paper whose employes are supposed to know the rudiments of spelling, at least.

The heading of the Beacon seems to read Che Beacon instead of The Beacon. Such a glaring typographical error ought to have been noticed by the editors long ago, but even now it is not too late to have it changed.

It takes eight hundred full-blown roses to make a single tablespoonful of the famous perfume, and you can get enough perfume out of an onion to drive a dog on the gallop out of a slaughter house. And yet we admire the rose more than we do the onion. - [Post.

Again the fair name of Columbia has been brought into disrepute by the freshness of the theatre-cheering fiend. There is always a certain number of the "great unsalted" in college, who persist in giving the college cheer in a place of public amusement at some time during the year. - [The Columbia Spec.

German Conversation Class. - Instructor to Mr. X., who has spent Sunday in New York: "With whom did you talk Sunday?" Junior: "Mit mein Schwester." Instructor to Mr. Y., who also lives in New York: "Do you see anything to correct in his answer?" Mr. Y.: "Yes, sir! Mit Meiner Schwester." - [News.

Geology Class. - Mr. Blunderwood (earnestly): "Professor, will you please give us the proof of the former gaseous condition of the earth?"

Professor (somewhat astonished): "That is what I have been giving for the last half-hour." Confusion of Mr. B. and corresponding glee of his classmates. - [Ex.