The semis begin today.

Where are the smoking cars?

Mr. Riddle receives $750 per week.

Pach's list of class photographs will be out next Monday.

The Yale Glee Club will give a concert in Stamford January 31.


The 'varsity and '84 crews took a run up North avenue yesterday.

Capt. Dean of the senior crew will not be back until after the mid-years.

A. P. Lothrop, '82, has gone home with a slight attack of chills and fever.

The Yale Glee Club is to give a concert in Tremont Temple, Boston, Feb. 15.

Very few men have stopped training in the gymnasium on account of the semis.

Thanks to old "Prob.," that metaphorically and literally warm weather is predicted.

The Yale freshman nine will not go into training until the latter part of February.

Chalfant and Sawyer have both bad colds, and have stopped rowing with the 'Varsity for the present.

The sale of tickets for Oscar Wilde's lecture, to be given in Music Hall, January 31, has been very large.

The weather during the past few days has given the bashful-in-society young man a good subject for conversation.