There will be no lecture in History 12 today.

The Princeton Tiger is now on sale at Drury's.

E. P. Warren has resigned from the Crimson.

F. R. Burton, '82, is teaching music in Boston.

Harvard versus Beacons on Jarvis this afternoon.


The Co-operative Association has now 652 members.

It is rumored that Folsom, '81, intends entering the Law School.

Coolidge and Agassiz have been elected sporting editors of the Crimson.

Four men of '84 are taking a course in Real Property in the Law School.

The lecture room of N. H. 1 is not large enough to accommodate the section.

It is rumored that the Co-operative Association will soon declare a dividend.

Eight men joined the Harvard Union at the first regular meeting of the term.

Mr. Cabot, '86, has been elected a member of the Pierian Sodality as violincellist.

The Co-operative Association will probably soon put a telephone in their office at Drury's.

All the carriers of the Boston Post Office will don their new winter uniforms on the 25th inst.