The Myers-George series of foot-races has been forfeited to George.

The electric storm yesterday greatly delayed telegraphic communication.

Blanche Cramer of New Haven has mysteriously disappeared from home.

Two men were killed at Newton last night by carelessly stepping in front of an express train.

Gen. N. D. Pierola arrived in Washington last night. He has not yet seen the Secretary of State.


A number of representatives of American shipbuilding interests were heard yesterday by the joint congressional committee on the subject.

It is reported in diplomatic circles that Hannibal Hamlin, Minister to Spain, now absent on leave, will not return to his post, resigning at the expiration of his leave.

The Garfield board of audit is not disposed to recognize Dr. Bliss as the leading physician in the case, and entitled to the largest fee. Hamilton and Agnew's claims will be preferred.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 18, 1. A. M. For New England, partly cloudy weather, with local rains or snow, winds mostly easterly, stationary or higher temperature.

The remains of John Howard Payne, the author of "Home, Sweet Home," now interred at Tunis, are to be brought to America.