Wagner is writing an opera on a subject from Greek mythology, and is now travelling in Greece collecting materials.

Three professors accused of "free-thinking" have been dismissed from the Nebraska State University.

The Cincinnati Enquirer thinks that the criticisms of the Yale News in regard to our having so much general matter, was "wrote sarkastic."

Student - "Well, that's what the author says, anyhow." Prof. - "I don't want the author, I want you." Student - "Well then you've got me." - [Ex.

As new studies for Cornell, the Buffalo Courier suggests "The Whole Art and Mystery of Kidnapping," and "How to Sell Out at a Boat Race."


"They have been picking my pockets," -

"Alas! how I pity thy grief," -

"Of all my manuscript verses." -

"Ah! how I pity the thief!"

The New York Tribune, after stating that the University of London has admitted lady graduates on equal terms to its "Convocation" and now grants degrees to women, says: "Harvard and Yale are invited to consider this fact."

Edinburg University has 3,237 students, of whom 1,638 are medical. It is probable that Huxley will be offered the chair in Natural History there; its salary is about $10,000 a year, and requires only six months' residence in Edinburg each year.

An unpublished work by Carlyle, entitled "A Tour in Ireland in 1849," has been discovered. It will be published as a serial in the Century magazine. The Century will also soon contain a short poem by Prof. J. R. Lowell, entitled "Estrangement."

In Oberlin, good Oberlin, in the Commonwealth of Ohio, the druggists pledge themselves not to put up liquor, even in a prescription. A druggist who hadn't signed the pledge, and who put liquor in his medicine, was made the subject of an indignation mass meeting.

Harper's Weekly states that Larkin G. Mead, the American sculptor, has been made professor in the Academy of Fine Arts at Florence; Dr. Walstein, a New Yorker, lectures at Oxford on archaeology; and that an American named Coolidge is professor in a Welsh college.

Student-duelling in Germany shows no sign of dying out. Among the Berlin University students the practice is increasing to a dangerous extent and, moreover, often results seriously. Moreover, besides the usual Schlager-fechten, numerous duels with swords and pistols are fought in the suburbs. - [London Graphic.