E. W. Gorse is writing a life of Thomas Gray.

Duntzer's "Life of Goethe" will soon be published by Estes & Lauriat.

"A Tallahassee Girl" will be the next issue in the Round Robin Series.

Beaconsfield's speeches have been published in two volumes by the Longmans.

The monument to Keats and his artist-friend, Severn, was unveiled in Rome, March 3d.


A new edition of Matthew Arnold's "Higher Schools and Universities in Germany" has been issued.

On the well-worn theme, "Tristram and Iseult," Swineburne has just completed a poem in nine books.

A life of Professor Clerk Maxwell, the famous physicist, is being written by Louis Campbell and Wm. Garnett.

Walt Whitman is preparing an edition of his prose writings - that is, of such of his writings as he himself does not call poetry.

The chapter on Science in Boston in the fourth volume of the "Memorial History of Boston," was written by Professor Lovering.

Schiller, by James Sime, is the latest foreign classic for English readers. Forthcoming volumes in this series will be on Tasso and on Rousseau.