Acoustics. Professor Lovering, Harvard, 12 M. Weekly course.

Theology of the New Testament. Rev. Alexander McKenzie, D. D., Divinity Hall Chapel, 3 P. M.

American Archaeology. Special subject: "The Pueblos and Cliff-houses." Professor Putnam, Peabody Museum, 3 P. M.

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Mr. Drennan's Section. - Theme IV. will be returned with criticism to sub-section 2 (Hardwick to Silbermann) Thursday, March 9: Hardwick to MacDuffie, 3 P. M.; Mandell to C. S. Perkins, 3.30; G. H. Perkins to Silbermann, 4. To sub-section 3 (Simonds to Wyeth) Thursday, March 9: Simonds to Paul Thorndike, 3 P. M.; Townsend to Weeks, 3.30; Wells to Wyeth, 4.

Mr. Gummere's Section. - Theme IV. returned with criticisms as follows: (J. G. Gardiner to Kent), Thursday, March 9: J. G. Gardiner to Greve, 3 P. M.; Griswold to F. W. Holmes, 3.30; J. P. Holmes to Kent, 4. (Kip to Wilson) Thursday, March 16: Kip to Moore, 3 P. M.; Morss to Phippen, 3.30; Plummer to Wilson, 4.


The following notices have been posted:

Junior Themes, Section II. Mr. Wendell will return Theme III. to sub-sections 2 and 3 (G. H. Page to Wyman) on March 14, between 3 and 4.30 P. M. Theme IV. will be due on March 21 instead of March 14.

Sophomore Themes, Sections II. and III. Mr. Wendell will be unable to return any themes this week. He hopes to be able to return Theme IV. to sub-sections 1 and 2 on Thursday, March 16, at the usual place and hour.

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