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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: There is one shocking thing connected with the management of this university that I have long noticed, and which I must at last speak out about. Above all the cries for plank side-walks and for better ventilation, this one calls loudly for redress. That men have been patient of it so long shows how long-suffering, how unindependent the college student is. I refer, sir, to the glaring evil - yea, insult - to every Harvard man of having the covers of all blank books for examination purposes colored blue. Blue, sir, the color of our rivals on many a gloomy field of war! Blue! the flaunting color of the base cravens who train and practise their fiendish arts at New Haven. Small wonder, say I, that so many yearly go down under the terrible ordeal of examination, with such heavy odds against them. Appalled by blueness as they commence their work, always surrounded by it, an odor and a tint of blueness in the air, must not the crimson, thus assailed, inevitably yield its own, blush a deeper crimson for very shame at such surroundings, and

"Creep into its narrow bed,

Creep, and let no more be said!"

And, as if to add insult to injury, there are some instructors - I will not say who - who return these same books marked in blue pencil. Could human - much less tutorial - depravity go farther?

Thine for reform and humanity,



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