The bears are running a corner on the New York stock market.

The Sprague estate has been sold to Wilbur, Jackson & Co., for $2,880,000.

A bill for the admission of Washington Territory as a State has been reported favorably.

The investigation of Shipherd by the House committee on foreign affairs will begin on Saturday.

Government employees at Washington waited upon the President yesterday to urge the enforcement of the eight-hour law.


Ingalls' amendment to the Chinese bill was yesterday defeated by a tie vote. Discussion was continued by Senators Hoar and Edmunds.

A band of half-breed smugglers have captured U. S. Marshal Healy in Montana. A force of soldiers has been ordered to his rescue.

Dr. Joseph Pancoast, the celebrated physician and emeritus professor of anatomy in Jefferson Medical College, died in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

An infant child of the late Prof. Ko Kun Hua died at Cheyenne, Wyoming, yesterday, while the family was on its way to San Francisco. The body will be taken to China.

The Panama Canal Company is progressing slowly but steadily in its work at the Isthmus. The entire line has been cleared of trees and underbrush for a width of 300 yards. Stations, villages and tracks for use in carrying off the dirt have been constructed all along the line.

The directors of the Columbia College Boat Club last evening agreed to the following dates for the races of the college crews: Club races on the Harlem, May 14; Childs' cup race on the Schuylkill, June 23; eight-oared university race between Columbia and Harvard, on the course at New London, at some date in June; freshman race, Columbia and Harvard, on the Harlem, in June.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., March 9, 1882, 1 A. M. For New England, increasing cloudiness, followed by snow or rain, slowly rising temperature, falling barometer, and east to south winds.