Mr. George Riddle is at present in Boston.

The bell is now rung at Memorial at nine o'clock.

Tom is now actively at work laying out tennis courts.

Baker, '84, was out with the 'Varsity nine yesterday.

There will be a meeting of the Pi Eta Society this evening.


So far but twenty men have reported to Mr. J. Robinson.

There was a meeting of the Christian Brethren yesterday.

Henry James, Jr., will start for his beloved England early in May.

Mr. Wheeler, formerly instructor in Greek and Latin, is visiting in Cambridge.

There will be a concert by the Princeton Glee Club in Washington this evening.

Mr. G. L. Kittredge '82, read his Bowdoin prize essay, "Carlyle as a Historian," last evening.

There will be an hour examination in Philosophy 4 next week, probably on Tuesday, the 18th inst.

The marks were given out in freshman trigonometry. The number of men conditioned is less than usual.

Games between the Princetons and Metropolitans at New York, and between Yale and the Alaskas at New Haven, are set for tomorrow.

The Harvard club of New York holds its regular monthly meeting at Delmonico's tomorrow; and the Albany Harvard club meets on the same date.