The Mexican Central Railroad was opened to traffic yesterday.

Col. De Lancy Kane opened the coaching season in New York yesterday.

A decrease of over $14,000,000 has been made in the public debt during the past month.

The trial of A. C. Soteldo for the murder of his brother. was set down in Washington yesterday for June 6.

All work has been stopped on the British tunnel until further action has been taken by Parliament on the matter.


Vigorous measures have been ordered against the Indians in Arizona to put down the outbreak as soon as possible.

Base-ball games yesterday: Bostons, 6; Worcesters, 5. Providence 9; Troys, 3. Buffalos, 7; Chicagos, 5. Detroits, 5; Clevelands, 4. The league season was opened yesterday.

A hard glove fight was to have come off this morning between Tom Bates of England and Jim Hurst of Boston, but it was reported last night that the authorities would prevent it.

A report was in circulation last night that the President abandoned a carefully planned trip to Philadelphia on the ground that he had been informed by the chief of police that socialists might attempt his life.

Hanlan and Trickett rowed against each other yesterday on the Thames. The start was from Putney. The final betting was 5 to 1 in favor of Hanlan. Hanlan won the race easily, and by too many lengths to count.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., May 2, 1882 - 1 A. M. For New England, increasing cloudiness, light rain or snow, southwest veering to colder northwest winds, followed by rising barometer.