Hermann Julius Theodor Hettner, professor in the University of Jena and a writer on art and literature, is dead.

Earl Cowper, the lord lieutenant, in receiving a deputation of the corporation of Limerick Thursday, said he trusted shortly to be able to liberate the last of the suspects.

A subscription for the widow of Conly, the vocalist of the Kellogg Concert Company, who was drowned recently, has been started in New York, and $1000 was raised in a short time.

Tuesday afternoon two boys who went to the bank of the river to shoot at glass bottles, got into a boat and were swept over Genesee falls at Rochester. The bodies have not yet been recovered.

The London papers print a story that both Mr. Gladstone and Sir William Harcourt have been warned that, at a recent Irish meeting in London, the hope was expressed that Mr. Gladstone would be assassinated next, and that this expression was received with loud and significant applause.


Games yesterday: Buffalos 13, Bostons 7; at Troy - Troys 5, Chicagos 2; at Providence - Detroits 6, Providence 4; at Worcester - Clevelands 10, Worcesters 6; at Baltimore - Baltimores 2, St. Louis 1; at Baunswick, Me. - Colbys 17, Bowdoins 3; at Exeter, N. H. - Exeter Academy 11, North Andovers 6; at Philadelphia - Athletics 10, Cincinnatis 1; Philadelphias 30, Dartmouths 1.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., June 1, 1882 - 1 A. M. For New England, increasing cloudiness, local rains, south and southwest winds, followed by lower temperature and higher pressure.