The class day committee asks careful attention to the following rules for the distribution of tickets for class day:

Tickets will be given out at 9 Holworthy, from 2 to 5 P. M., on Wednesday, June 14th, and from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M., on Thursday, June 15th. The assessment for members of the senior class will be $11.00, and each senior will select by lot a package containing 4 Sanders, 10 Memorial, 7 tree and 16 yard tickets. Cash must be paid on receipt of the tickets. Applications must be made in person or by written order.

Seniors in the Scientific School and past members of the class now in college will apply at the same time as the regular seniors.

Members of the graduating class of the Law and Medical schools and candidates for higher degrees will be allowed 6 yard and 3 Memorial tickets on payment of $3.00. This application also must be in person or by written order, at the times given above.

Packages not sold at these times will be sold by the committee to members of the senior class.


Provision will be made later for undergraduates and for employes of the college.

The committee earnestly desires to limit the tickets to the senior class. There is a tendency for class day to become a general holiday in Cambridge; and thus to lose its exclusive character as a day on which the graduating class receives its friends. This tendency the committee wishes to check, and it counts upon the cordial support of the college.

The only way to obtain an end so much to be desired is for seniors to exercise great care in their disposal of tickets which they do not need. Class day tickets are not a proper object for speculation; yet there have been times when they were openly offered for sale. Members of the class can always find among their classmates men who are only too glad to pay them a fair price for extra tickets. Gentlemen would hesitate to speculate in tickets to a private reception, and the committee trusts that the same delicacy will be felt in disposing of tickets to the class day exercises. And we trust that the other classes will support '82 in the endeavor to make the day truly a class day, as by so doing they contribute towards making their own class days more enjoyable.

EVERT J. WENDELL, Chairman C. D. C.