The Louisville Lacrosse Club easily defeated the New York Lacrosse Club in the match for the championship on Staten Island Tuesday afternoon.

At the annual meeting of the Vienna Imperial Academy of Science, on May 25, Sir Henry Rawlinson was elected a foreign honorary member in place of the late Mr. Darwin.

Wednesday evening at about eleven o'clock some one exploded an iron kettle full of powder in the hospital with the intention of blowing that building up. Several windows and a door were demolished.

The explorations at Assos for the last year amounted to $3800, including the salaries of Mr. Clarke and Mr. Bacon. There still remains a heavy deficiency, which will have to be cleared off by the Archaeological Institute.

The past few years have added largely to the number of cigarette smokers, and the many brands placed before the buyer have added a variety to the taste of the lovers of a short smoke, but of late two popular kinds have made their appearance, which have taken the smoker by storm. We refer to "Our Little Beauties" and "Opera Puffs," made by Messrs. Allen & Ginter, Richmond, Va. They are manufactured in the best style of the art, and both are a most excellent article. "Opera Puffs" are already well advertised, and are having a large sale. "Our Little Beauties" are a pressed cigarettee, and are fast becoming popular. They last longer and smoke cooler than round made goods, and there is no taste of paper in the mouth. They can be found in stores selling smokers' goods.


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