The Brown-Princeton series was finished at Providence last Monday, the Browns winning the first game at Princeton, 15 to 9, and the Princetons the second at Providence, 10 to 8.

In this series, the superiority of fine fielding and weak batting over weak fielding and heavy batting was very evident. The features of the series were the fine batting of Dilts, Smith and Durfee of the Browns, and the third base play of Harlan of the Princetons. The summary:

A.A. R. E.R. B.H. T.B. E.


Browns 82 23 4 27 33 24

Princetons 69 19 1 12 15 24

The Dartmouths and Amhersts completed their series at Amherst last Wednesday, the latter winning by a score of 9 to 7. The first game, at Hanover, was won by Dartmouth, 23 to 7. The features of the series were the tremendous batting by Dartmouth and the poor playing of Hamlin of the Amhersts, and of Parker, Webster and Partridge of the Dartmouths. The summary:

A.B. R. E.R. B.H. T.B. E.

Dartmouths 90 30 8 25 41 19

Amhersts 77 16 4 18 21 23