Harvard will not row Cornell.

The following correspondence has passed between Harvard and Cornell; it readily explains itself:

K. A. Lodge, Ithaca, N. Y.

Captain of the Harvard Boat Club,

DEAR SIR-Cornell would like to arrange with Harvard for a race in eights at New London next June for any distance agreeable to you.

The work done by Cornell last year entitles her to ask this race of you and ensures an excellent race.


Hoping that you will consider it favorably, I am, Yours very truly,

C. J. SHEARN.Com. C. U. Navy.Dec. 17, 1889.

MR. C. J. SHEARN, Com. C. U. Navy.

DEAR SIR.- I regret that we must decline your challenge for a race next spring.

We feel that we are not at New London long enough to row more than our fixed race with Yale.

Very truly yours.

ROBERT F. HERRICK. Captain H. U. B. C.Cambridge, Jan. 6, 1890.