Annual Meeting Opens Today With Law School Dinner in Evening

The Associated Harvard Clubs will open their annual convention in Kansas City today at 3 o'clock with a meeting of the Council of the clubs in the president's room in the Hotel Muehlebach.

Members of the reception committee will meet all trains in the mornings and, with the help of the hotel committee, will arrange for rooms, and at 7 o'clock in the evening, the Harvard Law School Association will give a dinner at the University Club, to which all the delegates to the convention have been asked.

Tomorrow will be taken up almost entirely with business meetings, at which reports on the following subjects will be made:

1. The relations between the College and the Graduate Schools.

2. The relations between the College and the secondary schools.


3. The relations between the University and the different alumni bodies.

4. The duty of Harvard as a national university.

5. The Harvard War Memorial.

6. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial.

7. The needs of the Chemistry Department.

8. The need for new buildings.

On Saturday, a field day will be held at the Kansas City Club, which will be featured by a barbecue, baseball, golf, tennis, bathing, and other forms of outdoor sports. Finally the convention will end with the annual banquet, which is to be held at the Hotel Muehlebach.