In the Graduate Schools

First-Year Class Still Overapplied Despite Increase

Although the limit of students in the first-year class of the Graduate School of Business Administration has been raised to 600, an increase of 100 over last year, more applications, in proportion to the increase, have been received this winter than in any previous year, it was announced yesterday by Assistant Dean E. F. Wright '24, who is in charge of enrolment.

Dean Wright, furthermore, stated that all Harvard College Seniors who are desirous of entering the Business School in the class of 1931 should hand in their applications for admission as soon as possible because, owing to the large numbers of applications which are coming in at a rapid rate, the limit will be reached early.

For the last few years the enrolment of the Business School has shown a steady increase. In the academic year 1926-27, there were 728 students, including part time special students and candidates for the degree of Doctor of Commercial Science.

The following year, the number of students rose to 745, while the first-year class, which was limited to 400, increased by 40.

This year the incoming class was restricted to 500 and this quota was exceeded by 22, raising the size of the student body by 16 percent to a total enrolment of 868 students. The enrolment of graduates of Harvard College, in the Business School, which has remained practically stationary at about 100 men, increased this year to 140.