Withstands Constant Bombardment of Harvard Goal--Strong Defense in Last Period Holds Tiger

Harvard emerged in the third period of a hard-fought hockey match with the Tiger at the Garden Saturday night, to come through with a victory of five goals to four. In evening the count of a two game series with Princeton, the University skaters also evened their win-lose record, and now have four victories out of eight encounters of the season.

More exactly, S. H. Wolcott, Jr. 33, reserve left wing, did all the scoring that was done in this third stanza, clinching the game for the Crimson by a long, hard shot from the blue line. The puck slipped through the legs of the unaware Princeton goalie and ended the 4 to 4 deadlock which had been subduing the play since late in the second period.

This winning goal was a reward which Princeton might have deserved more than Harvard, but both teams played fast, hard hockey. The Crimson team had its energetic moments, and played a good tactical game on the offense, but it was at times slower than the outfit from Old Nassau, and often confused by a trick attack of the visitors in which the wings crossed over and exchanged positions. Lady Luck and a very brave deGive in the Harvard nets kept the visitors from scoring on the Crimson during 16 minutes of the third period, when Harvard was continually on the defense, after clinching the winning score.

The summary: HARVARD  PRINCETON Baldwin, Wolcott, Hasler, l.w.  r.w., Tiers, Lane Putnam, Everett, Pruyn, c.  c., Glazebrook, Kammer Saltonstall, Beale, Lincoln, Holmes, r.w.  l.w., Whitman, Poole Martin, Dow, l.d.,  r.d., Gardner, Green Watts, Pell, r.d.  l.d., Boice, Flynn deGive, g.  g., Thouron, Hirsch

Score--Harvard 5, Princeton 4. Goals--First Period: Saltonstall (Putnam), 2.50; Glazebrook, 8.33; Glazebrook (Whitman), 9.34; Baldwin, 19.38. Second Period: Glazebrook (Whitman), 6.56; Baldwin (Putnam), 9.48; Lane (Kammer), 10.19; Putnam, 17.25. Third Period: Wolcott, 3.13. Penalties--Wolcott (hooking); Kammer (holding); Putnam (high stick); Saltonstall (stiff check). Referees--Smith and Foley. Time--Three 20-minute periods.