Chairman of Committee on Admissions Since 1920, He Has Traveled Widely As Envoy to Secondary Schools

Henry Pennypacker '88, for 13 years chairman of the Committee on Admissions at Harvard College died of pneumonia last night at about 10 o'clock in Stillman Infirmary. His only son, Thomas R. Pennypacker '16, of Newton Center, was present at the time of his death. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday.

Mr. Pennypacker was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania on December 2, 1860, the son of Charles H. and Elizabeth Pyle pennypacker. In 1884 he graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy, and for years later he graduated Cum Laude from Harvard College. The following year he married Anna H. Carpenter of Philadelphia, who died in 1925.

Throughout his life Mr. Pennypacker was active in educational work. From 1889 to 1891 he assisted at Adelphi Academy in New York City. For the next twenty years he was identified with the Boston Lath School, the oldest secondary school in the United States. From 1891 to 1904 to 1910 as master, and from 1910 to 1920 as headmaster. Since 1920 Mr. Pennypacker has been chairman of the Committee on Admissions of Harvard College.

Few officials at Harvard were as widely known among Harvard alumni as Mr. Pennypacker. As chairman of the Committee on Admissions he travelled widely to visit secondary schools, and in this connection was a frequent guest at Harvard Club gatherings throughout the country.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Pennypacker was a member of the University track team, and served for many years as a member of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports.