Winthrop Eleven Ties With Saybrook, Yale Champions

Puritan Outfit Holds Heavier Blue Team Scoreless

Winthrop House, champions of the Harvard Inter-House league, and Saybrook College, champions of the Yale college league, played to a scoreless tie Saturday in the Bowl. The teams were very evenly matched, and it would be impossible to say which team outplayed the other. Saybrook outweighed the Puritans man to man but the speed and aggressiveness of the Winthrop outfit nullified this advantage. in the first period Yale managed to reach the Harvard five-yard line, but in the second half Winthrop led the play, reaching Saybrook's 12-yard line.

The summary:

Winthrop lineup: Morris (Babbitt), l.e.; Dunton, l.t.; Schwayzer (Neusbaum), l.g.; Foley, c.: Sise (Downes), r.g.; Emerson (Donovan), r.e.: Crampton, q.b.: Haring, r.h.b.: Rindle, l.h.b.; Parker (Rolmes), f.b.

Saybrook Lineup: Steward (Crawley), i.e., Train. l.t.; Tanfey (Martin), l.g.; Hall, r.; Barker, r.g.; Walden, r,t.: Bailey (Myer), r.e.: Kennedy, q.b.: Jackson (Pinkham), l.h.b.; Highfield (Vincent), r.h.b.: Ferguson, f.b.

Referee, White: Umpire. Hasisia: Linesman, King; Field Judge, Schroeder.